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Roasted Rack of Lamb with Moroccan Chickpea Puree, Tuscan Kale and Sundried Tomato Tapenade

Roasted Rack of Lamb with Moroccan Chickpea Puree, Tuscan Kale and Sundried Tomato Tapenade
Recipe Date:
March 23, 2015
Cook Time:
Imperial (US)

Pairs well with: Cortina Zinfandel. Salute!

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Lamb Marinade


4 each 4 bone racks of lamb
6 heads of garlic flattened
1 teaspoon ground fennel seed
2 teaspoons of black pepper
1/2 cup of Olive oil
salt to taste


1. Combine all ingredients except salt and rub on racks of lamb
2. Marinate for 4 and up to 24 hours in refrigerator
3. Remove from refrigerator and season with salt to your liking
4. Preheat oven to 375
5. Roast lamb until your desired doneness
6. Let rest and slice between bones to serve

Sun-Dried Tomato Tapenade


5 cups of Sun Dried Tomatoes (rehydrated in hot water and chopped fine)
2 shallots fine diced, sweated in 1 teaspoon olive oil and cooled
1/4 cup roughly chopped capers
2 Tablespoons chopped parsley
1 Tablespoon chopped oregano
1 Tablespoon Red Vinegar
High Quality EVOO to cover
Salt and pepper to taste


1. Combine all ingredients and mix well to incorporate evenly
2. Add oil to cover and season to taste
3. Store refrigerated and serve at room temperature

Moroccan Chickpea Puree


4 Cups Chickpeas
1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil
2 each shallots, sliced
4 cups Vegetable or Chicken Stock
¼ pound of soft butter
¾ teaspoon Ras El Hanout
Salt to taste


1. Add olive oil to pan and heat over medium flame until hot add shallots and sweat until soft and translucent
2. Add chickpeas and Ras el Hanout, and then cook for 2 minutes.
3. Cover chickpeas with stock until just covered.
4. Bring to boil and reduce to simmer. Simmer for 15 minutes and strain; reserving liquid.
5. Add strained chickpea/shallot, soft butter into blender/food processor.
6. Puree till smooth using reserve liquid to loosen in blender/food processor as needed.
7. Season with salt to taste
8. •Optional – Pass through sieve or soup strainer for smoother consistency.

Sauté of Tuscan Kale


2 bunches of Tuscan kale rough chopped
¼ cup of olive oil
1 Tablespoon chopped garlic
½ cup dry white wine
1 Tablespoon Red Wine Vinegar
1 Tablespoon of Butter
Salt and Pepper to taste


1. Heat olive oil over medium heat until oil is hot
2. Add garlic and cook until soft
3. Add kale and white wine
4. Toss with spoon to coat kale
5. Turn heat to high and cover for 8 minutes
6. Remove cover and cook until all liquid is evaporated
7. Add butter and vinegar, stir until butter is melted and evenly distributed
8. Season to taste with salt and pepper

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