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Winemaking at Seghesio

We’ve worked with the same farmers and vineyards for generations and have an intimate knowledge of the fruit we source and grow which allows us to craft the best blends that represents the fullest expression of each vineyard or selection of vineyards and vintage.

Winemaker Andy Robinson has been with Seghesio Family Vineyards since 2003, and spent 15 years in the cellar mastering the art of making Zinfandel under the guidance of fourth-generation Ted Seghesio. In 2015, Robinson assumed the title of Winemaker. Robinson works closely with our Viticultural Director, Ned Neumiller, employing a terroir-driven approach to farming and production that includes labor intensive farming, harvesting, sorting, and fermenting Zinfandel in small lots.

Our philosophy in the vineyards and the cellar has always been informed by our fervent belief in Zinfandel as a world-class variety worthy of the same care, attention, and methods that would otherwise be reserved for varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir. In fact, in the cellar we employ numerous techniques including the use of open-top fermenters, rigorous fruit sorting, and the cultivation of indigenous yeast strains that are more typical of Burgundian winemaking.

For producers around the world, these other varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir have a spiritual home somewhere in the Old World – Bordeaux and Burgundy, respectively. Zinfandel, in this way, is a uniquely American variety – it has found its spiritual home right here in America and, we’d argue, in Sonoma County. There is no old world benchmark for Zinfandel – instead there is Seghesio.

“Our intention is to make wines that celebrate the work done in the vineyard and we participate in every aspect of a wine’s life. We produce elegant and balanced Zinfandels with character that offer the fullest expression of each vineyard or region.”